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MSVCMixbus3 Initial changes needed for building Mixbus (with MSVC) as version 5 4 years ago
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headless wscript: consistently have at most one empty separator line 6 months ago
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session_utils M: Revert "Small test tool for PBD::Transmitter thread-safety tests" 3 months ago
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.dir-locals.el Only use .dir-locals.el to set tab indentation (or not, for python). 12 years ago
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.gitignore Ignore generaed translation files 2 years ago
COPYING M: Add Mixbus icons, logos, images and resources 3 years ago
PACKAGER_README fixes for various consistency/settings issues in monitor section; minor edit to PACKAGER_README 13 years ago
README Directly use HTTPS 2 years ago
README-GITHUB.txt Add a Readme pertaining to GH release tarballs 6 years ago
TRANSLATORS add text to TRANSLATORS file explaining how contextual translation msgids work and should be translated 2 years ago
ardour.1 Update man-page 2 years ago
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nutempo-todo todo list text for nutempo-related tasks 1 year ago
system_config Empty system_config (pre-seed XML nodes, use built-in settings) 6 years ago
waf Update waf binary, using `doc/updating_waf.txt` 9 months ago
wscript Merge branch 'ardour' 2 weeks ago


Please see the Ardour web site at https://ardour.org/ for all documentation..

For information on building ardour: