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<li><a href="#using-aatranslator">Using AATranslator</a></li>
<h2>Importing AAF files</h2>
Ardour supports importing AAF session files, including fades, volume automation,
pan and multichannel tracks/regions.
To import an AAF file, you have to open the session file selection dialog :
<li>By clicking the <kbd class="menu">Other Sessions</kbd> button on the <a
href="@@newopen-session-dialog">Session Setup Dialog</a>,</li>
<li>Or by going to <kbd class="menu">Session &gt; Open...</kbd> menu.</li>
<figure class="center">
<img class="mini" src="/images/import-aaf.png" alt="AAF file selection dialog">
Select Session File Dialog
Select <kbd class="menu">Advanced Authoring Format (AAF)</kbd> in the file type
filter, then select an AAF file and click <kbd class="menu">Open</kbd>.
<h2>Importing ProTools&reg; files</h2>
Ardour provides a basic import tool for ProTools&reg; sessions, in the
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the cost is 59 USD for the "Standard" version, and 199 USD for the "Enhanced"

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