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Ardour Session Utilities

This folder contains some tools which directly use libardour to access ardour

The overall goal it to provide some non-interactive unix-style commandline
tools, which are installed along with DAW.

These tools depend on the "dummy" backend to be available, configure ardour with e.g.

  ./waf configure --with-backends=jack,alsa,dummy ...

Adding new tools

One C++ source per tool, see "example.cc" and "export.cc"

  cp session_utils/example.cc session_utils/your_new_tool_name.cc
  edit session_utils/new_tool_name.cc

The tool is automatically compiled and deployed when installing, using the
program-name as prefix.  e.g.  "export.cc" becomes "ardour4-export"
(or "mixbus3-export", depending on the project configuration).
Tool names must start with lower-case alphabetic letter [a-z].

Test run from the source

  cd session_utils
  ./run ardour6-your_new_tool_name


  ./run ardour6-export --help

and to debug the tool under gdb/lldb:

  ./debug ardour6-export